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The Power of Predixion Insight™

Predixion Insight™ is an advanced analytics platform designed to help businesses fully leverage their data with simple, powerful, self-service predictive analytics.  Predixion’s intuitive workflow allows users to easily create and manage predictive models that deliver actionable, data-driven predictions – where you need them, when you need them.


Put the right information in the right hands at the right time
Our platform puts predictive information into the hands of those who need it most: decision-makers and action-takers. Predixion Insight™ is a simple, powerful analytic platform that provides customers with insightful predictions from their historical and live data, then allows them to communicate it easily and quickly. The deployment framework enables broad consumption of these powerful predictive analytics within the enterprise. Predixion's flexible platform is fully integrated with leading business intelligence tools can be distributed into line of business applications and commonly used applications such as Excel, CRM tools, and mobile devices to cover the last mile of analytics.

The result: Real-time predictive results for smarter decisions – in the hands of the people that need it most.

Now, you don't need to be a data scientist to get the most out of your data.

  • Accessible and comprehensive
  • Analytical models in a familiar environment: Excel interface with a powerful back end server
  • No technical data mining knowledge required
  • Broader audience: powerful enough for data scientists, intuitive enough for Excel power-users

Make predictive analytics work for you, no experience necessary.


    Insightful visualizations, built for business.

    • Goal-based model selection: ensures that predictive models are aligned to business drivers
    • Interactive results
    • Real-time predictive indicators
    • Browser-based visualization, collaboration, and management tools

    We let you focus on actionable results, not meaningless data.


    Integrate and deploy using the tools you know and love.

    • Predixion Insight's Web Services API: any operation performed in the Predixion Insight™ client can be performed by any application on any platform
    • Deep integration with leading data sources: don't waste time relearning new software
    • Automated workflows
    • No extra work or remodeling: unlike most predictive modeling tools, Predixion's models are ready for deployment immediately

    Your data, your tools, your solution – get predictive insights into production, faster.


      Model builders and information consumers communicate on one easy-to-use platform.

      • Predixion Insight View Framework: interactive models are comment-enabled and shareable within your enterprise network
      • Collaborate and share: exchange ideas between data scientists, business leaders, and customers
      • Translates powerful data mining to real-world results

      Predixion enables faster data-driven decision making.


      Flexible, scalable platform adapts to your needs, no matter what industry.

      • Reuse and redeploy: Machine Learning Semantic Model™ (MLSM™) automates data access and transformations
      • Portable end-to-end predictive applications: easily developed and implemented, then reused for another data set and solution for your business
      • Automatically adjusts modeling parameters: selects the best predictive model based on your data and actionable goals
      • Scales to fit changing needs: bigger data set? No problem.

      When your goals change or grow, so do your models.




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